Quality Focus

We believe that success and sustainability are built on a foundation of quality.  We adopted the Quality System to ensure that our systems, services, products and work processes are appropriate for their intended use. Quality encompasses all aspects of our operations. Stringent control mechanisms ensure that all work performed, and services rendered are authorized, supervised, reviewed, and approved by the appropriate personnel in compliance with protocol defined by our client, professional standards, and governing authorities.

Our subcontractor qualification program extends our commitment to quality to encompass anyone who supplies products and services to our clients within our contract.

We are committed to providing a place of employment free from all recognized hazards. Through constant inspections of jobsites and continuing education for our employees, we have achieved a high level of success with our injury-free record. Safety is a core value and employees are our most valuable assets; we are fully dedicated to protecting the health and safety of all our employees, Clients and Public. We are committed to the belief that every accident, and therefore every injury, is preventable.